Youmee Lee



As a versatile designer, my passion is to craft impactful experiences and products for communities around the world. As a self taught artist, animator & printmaker, I explore materials that resonate stories.

My artist statement:

Youmee Lee is a multi-faceted artist, designer, and filmmaker. Through her allegorical approach in the pictorial space, she is analyzing physical vulnerability and transitions between different cultures, yet striving to bridge gaps through shared humanity. Art is a communicative medium where she elicits her own whimsical imagination, experimenting with narrative storytelling. So far, she has been intertwining fine arts, illustration, and moving images into her intricate body of work.

Apart from art, she enjoys traveling overseas, cooking different cuisines, reading in coffee shops, and watching insightful documentaries. She is a fierce advocate for social good, and she intends to use art to serve that purpose. 

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