Youmee Lee

MaxASL Campaign


Children are our future generation shaping the world, thus it is our responsibility to ensure all have full language access for literary skill development and empowerment. Our client has worked on developing educational materials, especially using digital platforms that we have available today. My team and I have worked on marketing KODA Learning materials, starting with MaxASL, an app focusing on teaching signs to toddlers and children through storytelling in American Sign Language (ASL). I handled the visual direction and design for app materials, website, and social media. 

Result: We successfully gained 800k media impressions within 2 weeks

Work completed while under employment with direction of CSD Creative.

Bringing Stories to Life in American Sign Language: The Whole Story Approach Link: Download Max ASL App:

Please visit their website to learn more about the app initiative. 

App Redesign for Google Play Market

Original sketches for MaxASL app design

Original sketches for MaxASL app design